Hyosung Chairman Cho Hyun-joon Drives Sustainable Management With Eco-Friendly Business

2021-08-20 09:30 출처: Hyosung (코스피 004800)

SEOUL--(뉴스와이어) 2021년 08월 20일 -- Chairman Cho Hyun-joon of Hyosung Group (KRX:004800) accelerates sustainable management based on its eco-friendly product regen®.

“The management friendly to the environment is an essential, not a choice,” said Chairman Cho Hyun-joon in his New Year message in 2021. “Sustainable management is an economic, social and environmental responsibility that should be fulfilled by a company to meet needs and expectations of diverse stakeholders.”

Accounting for the largest share in the global textile market with spandex brand ‘creora®’, Hyosung TNC (KRX:298020) developed ‘MIPAN regen (regen®)’ building on its proprietary fiber technologies. The regen® is a reclaimed nylon yarn made by recycling pre-consumer waste such as waste transparent PET bottles. It is an eco-friendly product that has acquired CONTROL UNION's Global Recycle Standard certification, and it possesses excellent dyeing uniformity.

After conducting the ‘regen® jeju’ project which produces 100% recycled polyester made from the discarded transparent PET bottles from Jeju island with the Jeju Provincial government last year, Hyosung TNC promoted with the Seoul Metropolitan government early this year the ‘regen® seoul’ campaign, a resource virtuous cycling project that produces recycled polyester by separately collecting waste transparent PET bottles.

Through collaboration with leading fashion and apparel brands, regen® now reaches consumers in various shapes, including masks, T-shirts and bags. Hyosung TNC is transforming itself as an eco-friendly company by expanding points of customer contact with the products and reflecting feedback from customers.

Recently, the company brought a new trend in the eco-friendly fashion market with the project of recycling PET bottles discarded by entry/departure vessels into ‘MIPAN® regen® ocean’, a polyester recycled from transparent PET bottles, in conjunction with the Yeosu Gwangyang Port Authority.

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